Coquitlam Concrete supplies concrete and concrete supplies for all residential applications.  With a fleet of modern mixer trucks we can handle your job whether you want to build a new house or simply expand your patio.  The only restriction on ordering is that you purchase a minimum of one cubic meter.

Concrete mixes come in many variations.  For residential use the variables are:

Concrete Strength
This is measured in “MPA.”  Residential strengths range from 25 MPA to 32 MPA
Aggregate Size
Regular mix contains both 20mm (3/4 inch) and 10mm (3/8 inch) aggregate.  Small aggregate mix only contains 10mm aggregate.  The smaller aggregate is used for certain applications and is required if a line pump is to be used.
Measured in millimeters, the slump is the measure of the workability of the concrete.  Raising the water content increases the slump (workability) but lowers  the strength of the concrete.  So, adding water is not an option.  The mix you purchase will be designed for a certain slump and workability.  If you need increased workability ask us about our range of chemical admixtures.
Air Content
Measured in percentage of total volume of concrete, entrained air  helps protect concrete from the effects of freeze-thaw and other weathering.  The air requirements depend on the MPA of the concrete, the size of the aggregate used and the conditions to which the finished concrete will be exposed.