This family owned business was founded by James J. Allard in 1945 as Allard Cement Works, a one man, one truck operation that mainly bought and sold gravel and concrete products.  In 1984 his company acquired Coquitlam Concrete, a property on Pipeline Road in Coquitlam and subsequently built their existing head office there.

No longer a one man operation Coquitlam Concrete remains a family business run by the sons and grandsons of James Allard and has more than thirty employees operating a fleet of mixer trucks, a ready mix concrete plant and a precast yard.

With its own aggregate source, Coquitlam Concrete provides concrete to meet various design and strength requirements including extreme specification demands.

Coquitlam Concrete is environmentally responsible using self-contained washout systems and spill protection equipment.  Drivers and staff have the “environment first” attitude.  The company is also committed to maintaining a safe environment for its employees, customers and general public and holds safety meetings regularly at its plant.  Our batch plants are built and maintained to the highest standards ensuring consistency of product quality and safety of employees.

As one of the few remaining independent concrete suppliers in Metro-Vancouver, Coquitlam Concrete strives to supply an excellent product and exceptional service.